Turning compost on a plastic sheet.

How often should you turn compost?

Some composting systems recommend regularly turning compost piles. For example, for maximum speed the Berkely method recommends turning compost every single day until the compost is finished.  Other systems recommend turning compost infrequently, or even not at all.  Both systems can work – and both come with pros and cons. So in this article we’ll …

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Mycorrhizal fungi sprouting from the ground.

The Magic of Mycorrhizae Fungi

Soil, when looked after, works wonders.  In fact, after years of abusing soil with tractors, chemicals and artificial fertilisers, we are only just starting to learn how well it works when treated well.  Much of that wonder comes down to Mycorrhizae Fungi.  Contents What is mycorrhizal fungi? To what extent does Mycorrhizal Fungi benefit plants? …

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