Compost Magazine

Composting tips, advice and science.


Compost Magazine was set up by compost and gardening enthusiasts who wanted to share the fun – and benefits – of composting. 

Here’s some of what you can expect from us:

  • Easy-to-follow how-to-guides for the new composter.
  • Advanced tips and guides to get faster, better compost.
  • No holds barred product reviews and comparisons to guide you through making the right purchase. 
  • Conducting engaging experiments to uncover unique and efficient composting methods, including micro-composting in compact spaces.
  • Reports on interesting composting studies that can inform and instruct.
  • Compost science translated into easy-to-understand articles and infographics.
  • A skeptical take on composting products and practices that are not backed by science. 
  • Information on the fascinating history and culture of compost, from the Egyptian Queen who banned the export of worms to the man who heated his house with composted wood chips. 
  • The latest compost news, from human composting to the latest studies. 
Compost Magazine garden.

Above: The garden where many composting experiments take place.

We invite you to join us on our composting journey as we learn, grow, and make a positive impact on the environment together. 

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About The Team


James in his garden with a sack of beans.

With his passion for gardening ignited at the age of 7, James first found himself cultivating a small corner of his parent’s garden.

Years of travel and work abroad only fuelled his love for gardening, which he eagerly revisited in 2010 after experiencing the frustrations of apartment living.

Upon discovering poor soil quality in a new garden, James developed a keen interest in composting and founded to share his journey.


John on his allotment in Spain.

With over 50 years of gardening experience in the UK and Europe, John has faced a multitude of challenges, from warding off invading deer and goats to perfecting his composting techniques – and trying to persuade co-allotment gardeners to join in.

Currently, John gardens on a shared eco-allotment in Andalucia, Spain. His fellow gardeners recently appointed him chair of the composting committee in revenge for his lectures on why they were doing their composting wrong. 

Jean in her Spanish garden.


A seasoned gardener with decades of experience in the UK, multi-lingual (she even speaks Latin!) Jean now resides in Alicante, Spain, where she meticulously manages a small but lush forest garden abundant with fruit and flowers.

Jean’s expertise and passion for horticulture – and her keen eye for the English language –  have made her an invaluable editor and proofreader.