In 2010, after ten years of working abroad, much of that time spent in busy cities with no garden, I returned to home, to the countryside and to a house with a garden – and instantly rediscovered my love of gardening.

Garden in the evening.
Above: The joys of having a garden again. At the bottom my compost bins are behind the growing vegetable patch.

Gardening leads to composting, and after converting to (mostly) No-Dig gardening, I needed a lot of compost.

Composting started as a means to an end. But over time, I found that I was even more interested in compost, the science of composting and in experimenting with different composting methods than I was with gardening itself.

So I’ve set up Compost Magazine, with the hope of achieving the following:

  • Spread the love of composting, and awareness of its benefits whether it’s to help the environment, boost your health, help the soil or just enjoy the satisfaction of a steaming pile of compost.
  • Distinguish between what you need to do to make good compost – and what’s just too much trouble.
  • Share my experiences (the good and the bad) with different compost bins and methods.
  • Conduct fun experiments to find fun ways to compost, such as micro-composting in small bins.
  • And finally, after even my friends who compost have told me I am a bit obsessed, having an outlet for compost thoughts without triggering an intervention from friends and family.

I hope you join me on my composting journey, so that we can learn together!