Compost History: The Fascinating Story of an Ancient Science

Think the history of compost is boring? Think again. In this article you’ll find bones stolen from graveyards and battlefields to fertilise Yorkshire fields. You’ll find Egyptians facing death for stealing earthworms and ancient people using blood to fertilise their gardens. You’ll also find some sound principles and solutions that could well help us in …

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Hot Bin next to a pallet bin

HotBin Mk2 Composter Review

I first heard of the HotBin several years ago, when I was discussing gardening with the owner of the local convenience store. Chris is a keen gardener, and in-season grows nearly all the veg he sells his village shop. It was spring, and the conversation soon turned to getting the garden ready. Chris told me …

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An A-Z of Composting

You don’t need an in-depth understanding of composting terms in order to compost successfully. But if you’re keen on developing your composting skills and knowledge, and understanding of key terms can quickly come in useful. In this post we explain many of the terms used in more in-depth guides. Do note we haven’t included bins, …

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