The Carbon – Nitrogen Ratio

If you read much about composting, you’ll soon come across the terms carbon:nitrogen ratio (often shortened to C:N ratio). Everything you put in your compost has a different C:N ratio. Materials such as grass and manure, known as ‘greens’, have a higher level of nitrogen, and ‘brown’ materials, such as paper, have a higher level …

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Composting at home.

Home Composting Guide

My first compost pile wasn’t great. A corner of my garden behind my garage had three walls around it, and I simply dumped my garden waste there. I didn’t pay much attention to the intricacies of composting, but when I dug down after two years I got compost. You see while you can dig deep …

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Cartoon compost bin, a type that could be used on concrete.

Can you compost on concrete?

You want to create your own compost. But you’re either limited on green/brown space, or don’t have any. So can you compost on concrete? Fortunately, the answers yes. There are, however, some limitations, but don’t worry – we tell you how to get round them, Which is better: Composting on earth v. composting on concrete? …

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